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Reviewers Wanted

We are looking for reviewers to join the Woodworks team. Our goal is to have a staff of dedicated reviewers, who each write at least one review for us each month. We review books, movies, games, comics, magazines, or anything else that fits into fantasy, sci-fi, writing, or art.

Reviewer Duties Include:
  • Writing at least one review per month (minimum 400 words) using the WW format
  • Working with the proofreaders to correct any errors
  • Working with the Reviews Editor and Editor-in-Chief
  • Finding and resizing images to go along with the review (posters/stills for movies, covers for books)
  • Using proper HTML formatting (basics like bold, italics, paragraph)

    We are also looking to fill the position of Reviews Editor.

    Reviews Editor Duties Include:
  • Working with reviews staff to insure submissions each month, answering any questions they have
  • Maintaining the "Already Reviewed" list and Reviews area of staff forums
  • Working with Editor-in-Chief on specific reviews issues/questions
  • Setting reviews into the WW template
  • Optional writing of own reviews
  • Assigning reviews if needed
  • Other duties as needed

    If you are interested in either position, please send an email to editor AT woodworksezine DOT com with your name, experience if any, and what you would like to concentrate on (books, movies, etc).
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